• Individual sprinkler control allowing for differing soil types and flexible application rates.
  • No terrain limitations. The SSS irrigation system can irrigate any landscape irrespective of terrain.
  • Cost effective against alternative irrigation methods.
  • No landscape modifications or alteration to existing fence lines, removal of valuable shelter belts etc.
  • High application rates give shortened running times and savings in energy usage, in most cases allowing all irrigation to be completed overnight. Night application is recommended as you will achieve less evaporation and greater throw radius. Allows daytime sun to warm plants and increase growth.
  • The SSS Irrigation system is compatible with Fertigation, a more efficient and effective way to fertilise crops, saving you time, money and improving yields. In the paddock, the crop will receive the desired and uniform concentration of nutrient and pest-control chemical. The right amount in the right place at the right time.

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