System Overview

The SSS Irrigation System is a static set irrigation system with sprinklers permanently mounted on posts, 1.8m above ground with posts spaced 44 m apart on average.

Each sprinkler is individually operated via the post kit's solenoid valve controller. Watering times are infinitely variable, thus allowing for differing soil types and flexible application rates.

We use our proven SSS Irrigation grid system to design layouts suitable for any landscape with a range of post and row spacing's to suit the particular requirements which vary depending on available water pressure, windage issues etc.

Our recommended water pressure at the sprinkler is 4 bar (58psi) where the PF 30 sprinkler unit is achieving a throw radius of 30m (60m diameter). The PF 30 sprinkler will perform efficiently from as little as 2.5 bar to well over 6 bar with corresponding changes to throw radius.

Underground, the system utilises 100mm - 200mm PVC mainlines (varying in size according to individual system needs) with 63mm MDPE lateral lines reducing to 40mm LDPE post lines to the individual sprinklers.

Our system does not require any landscape modifications or alteration to existing fence lines, removal of valuable shelter belts etc. High application rates allow shortened run times and resultant savings in energy usage, in most cases allowing all irrigation to be completed overnight when further savings can be made with use of night rate electricity supply.

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