SSS Irrigation uses Irricad software for system design. Irricad ensures the system is as efficient and cost effective as possible, and allows us to run different pipe size and flow calculation models to ensure each system will meet our client's requirements.

Sprinkler Design

Post spacing's:

Sprinklers/post are set in grid pattern with spacings adjustable according to water pressure and/or windage issues. Alternate rows are offset 50% to give even diagonal distances as examples above.

Post Spacing Row spacing Sprinklers per hectare
42m 36.5m 6.5
40m 35m 7.1
38m 33m 7.7


Pricing varies according to design spacings, size of area to be irrigated, etc. We would suggest a per hectare price range of $5000-$6000 for all paddock hardware.

This excludes installation which varies according to terrain and contractors. Estimated installation price is $1800 - $2000 per hectare.

Where clients choose to complete the installation themselves, we offer onsite instruction throughout the process along with detailed design maps and a complete installation manual.

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