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SSS Irrigation Ltd. (formerly Stu's Sprinkler Systems Ltd.) was born out of necessity, one man's vision and his ability to think outside the square.

The origins of the company begin in May 2004 when Stuart McNeill purchased a dry farm property with the intention to develop it as a deer unit. The farm was, at time of purchase, very unproductive. The need to find better ways to utilise what water was available, led Stu to seek alternatives to the current irrigation systems then available in the market place.

Initial enquiries showed that there were no sprinklers available that met his personal targets of long throw radius, high water volume and soft watering of crop and pasture. His background in mechanical engineering led him to design and fabricate his own units in stainless steel with a good deal of trial and error in the early stages, and ongoing development during the next few years. These proved to be very efficient but not commercially viable, as they were complex and time consuming to manufacture. The on-farm results were little short of spectacular. With the creation of storage dams together with the sprinklers and ancillary system parts, carrying capacity rose from 530 stock units to 3500 stock units over a 4 year period, with the farms water rights unchanged!

A chance introduction resulted in a shift to injection moulded, fibre reinforced, plastic bodies which formed the basis of what has now evolved into the PF30 model that we produce today. We still maintain a strong R&D focus and continue to make minor modifications and performance improvements to keep us in front of the copiers. In a majority of cases, these are designed to retrofit the earlier models allowing owners of earlier models an inexpensive upgrade path.

SSS Irrigation Ltd., the innovative leaders in solid set irrigation systems. There is nothing that can compete with the overall combination of performance, durability and cost effectiveness offered by our system.

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