Portable Irrigation Skid

The skid mounted PF30 sprinkler operating @ 4bar/58psi, waters an area equivalent to over 12 k-line pods, based on a conservative 28m radius/56m diameter. Application rate is 4.6 mm/hr against 2.8mm/hr for the k-line and, if used with valve and timer, you don't need to stop what you are doing to turn it off or move it.

Lightweight (8.4kg) alloy construction allows it to be shifted by hand. Skids can be run in tandem if required.


Pricing for the complete automated unit is well below the equivalent K-line package. Our Skid is fitted with 40mm camlocks for quick, trouble free, connection.

Option 1 - Bare Skid $745.00 + gst
Option 2 - Skid and PF-30 Sprinkler $965.00 + gst
Option 3 - Skid, PF-30 Sprinkler, 40mm Valve and Controller $1185.00 + gst

Post Kit

Portable Irrigation Skid

Portable Irrigation Skid

Bare Skid $745.00 + gst

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